Tournament is a poker game in which players start with an equal number of chips and continue to play until one player has collected all of the chips.

Tournament is the most thrilling part of the poker game allowing considerably increase one's bank.

Each player is dealt the cards. The player having the highest card combination starts the game as a dealer. Each player's goal is to collect as many chips as possible. Players who lose all their chips leave the game.

Type of tournaments

BaadShah for free offers two types of tournaments:

  1. Scheduled: These tournaments have a fixed time of starting and always are announced in advance. Player has to register to take part in tournament. The registration closing time is announced in the lobby and ended usually a few minutes before the tournament start.
  2. Sit and Go - These tournaments are available 24/7. They start as soon as the number of registered players amounts to a specified level. The standard poker tournament rules apply to all tournaments in addition to any rules which apply to a particular tournament.